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The success of feniom jewellery goes back to 1993, when jewellery producer Phenix started to design jewellery in a distinct and quite striking contemporary style. the philosophy of that time still inspires today's designers: sober, simple creations in unique materials such as titanium, gold, silver, pearls and diamonds give expression to their own character and the personal taste of the wearer in a discreet, stylish way.

Feniom jewellery is a guarantee for quality. its minimal design is executed in precious materials such as fine silver, 18 and 24 carat gold and 100% pure titanium. these materials are combined with black rubber, white or black natural pearls and top wesselton vs diamonds. all feniom jewellery is hand finished, piece by piece, with greatest care. feniom designs fit perfectly well in a time when people like to embellish themselves with a sign reflecting their own personality.

Even though it doesn't belong to the group of classical precious metals, titanium is today a very noble metal. isolated at first in 1791, this metal was named after the Titans, mythological giants, children of Uranus, god of the heaven, and Gaia, goddess of the earth. the industry uses titanium because it's strong and light and hardly corrodes. titanium is also very suitable for making jewellery due to its hypo-allergic properties. people with sensitive skin can tolerate titanium much better than classical precious metals.

Jewels have an intrinsic, material value. however, they are considered even more valuable because of their symbolic meaning. rings especially are tangible symbols of an immaterial link. feniom has a whole range of models for various occasions: friendship rings, engagement rings, wedding rings. and beautiful jewellery should not always be super expensive. of course diamonds have a unique brilliance and give any item of jewellery a long lasting value. but feniom has models for any budget. our diamond-less titanium jewels have the same simple characteristic feniom design and are within reach of anyone's pocket.